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Why we need to lighten up on Social media

In Social Media on April 25, 2012 at 11:34 am


There is this intense need to be smart on social media that is quite difficult to comprehend. The last man standing, it seems, will be the one with the smartest quip or the catchiest by-line while the rest of us are doomed. Doomed to live a life of a straggler in the digital world with no friends (at least in the digital world), no likes, no friend requests and a klout score approximating that of a bankrupt person. How many of you get that sinking feeling when your status message fails to strike home? Not even a single comment! Not even a like! Not even teeny tiny comment! It gets worse when you see other people get hail-loads of comment. And the catch is- those posts are not even funny. Ha! It is a rummy world and people have strange notions on what is funny and what isn’t. All you can do is give them a free subscription of MAD magazine, maybe that will improve their sense of humour and yours.

Once you got the bug, you are on your way down. You need those comments and likes, other things be damned. Bug eyed you stare at the monitor, logging into your favourite social media platform for the billionth time. The last time your heart palpitated this fast was during high school when you came last in the 100 metre race. Yes! Life sucked even then. The palpitations increase to a raging storm when you see the red coloured numbers at the top of the face book page denoting the number of responses to your last post. Huh! There is hope after all. The bubble bursts when you click on the red numbers and find that it is just another blasted Zynga invitation to play in a freaking dollhouse. Pervert!

By now you know that you don’t have a hope in hell to pen something smart. Your DNA does not permit you. Blah! Blah! There are a billion and one reasons. So, do you stop forcing your views – not a chance! Beg, borrow or steal, you got to get yourself noticed. You scour the WWW for quips, sites with famous quotes from famous people. Hell! If famous people said it, it must mean something. So – cut, copy past it is. If people still don’t get it, it is probably their fault. You stole from the best, didn’t you?

Why the hell did he post this?

I have gone through this private hell, so I know what it feels like. I have posted intense one liners, funny quips, poems, and, parodies with varying degrees of success. I guess it feels good to be acknowledged by your peers. Social media sites thrive on dopamine kicks we get every time anyone drops in to say hello, or hey! Thats a good one.

While reading Schopenhauer I came across a passage that explained thiss human phenomneon—

There are, says the latter, _in the capacities of mankind, three varieties: one man will understand a thing by himself; another so far as it is explained to him; a third, neither of himself nor when it is put clearly before him_. He, then, who abandons hope of making good his claims to the first class, will be glad to seize the opportunity of taking a place in the second. It is almost wholly owing to this state of things that merit may always rest assured of ultimately meeting with recognition.

People of the first variety are very rare. The second variety, those who pick up cues from the smart ones are more in number. It is a smart decision too. If you comment on smart quips from smart people you are deemed to be smart. The thought that I am doing the same thing did cross my mind..:)