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Book 2 Chapter 1


Surjo, 31 and a struggling copy writer, could not take his eyes off the bombshell with the red toenails, sitting to his right, as the Shatabdi Express,  sped on its way to Luckow Junction via Muzzarabad Junction. To his left, thankfully, the seat was empty. He hated being spoken to on these long six hour journeys and pretended to sleep in an attempt to ward off potential questions about his marriage status, education level and job status as he fared rather poorly in all of them. It was not his fault because he had tried everything: science, commerce, arts – he had enrolled in every course possible without any degree of success .

With great difficulty, he willed himself to look the other way; thanks to his foot fetish he had a hard-on that made him fell uncomfortable in his size 36 Levis. The bombshell was also giving him the dirty looks which made looking out the window more appropriate. The scenery on the other side of the light green screen window was as monotonous as his life with the gentle humdrum broken only by sporadic interesting tidbits thrown here and there. One of the interesting bits was related to sex or the lack of healthy sex: “Gupt rog, Stri Rog key liye Vaid Hashmi se sampark karey (Contact Hashmi to get cured of sexually transmitted diseases)”.

“I wonder who does the writing for him” said Surjo muttering under his breath.

The lady on the right crisscrossed her legs for the millionth  time, drawing his attention to her deliciously painted toe nails once again. Surjo consoled himself that it was natural for all artistic people to have some kind of fetish. Darn! Even his hero, Quentin Tarantino liked a well painted set of toe nails.The gentle lolling of the train and the light breakfast made him sleepy and he fell into gentle reminiscing. Marriage was out of question as he had been recently fired from his job after yet another acrimonious showdown with his boss an elegant lady name KB.