Twilight photos

In Photography on April 25, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Black and white photograph of a lamp post taken in the twilight

A little beyond the lamp post the flyover begins.

The best time to take out your camera is that little sliver of time when the hem of the night (night is always a maiden with a flouncy dress for me) caresses the leftovers of the fading day (alluring, eh!).

The Sun has set and the horizon is a very flushed orange. A little above the horizon the sky is blue as blue can be. Everything is cloaked in a little bit of mystery. The billboards have come to life, the street lamps start taking over. Everything is ethereal and you wish the moment would stay with you for a long time.

I wanted to lock this quintessence in my camera but hesitated for a long time. Honestly, it is quite embarrassing to click photographs unless you are in a tourist spot. People tend to gawk at you. But today was different. Somehow, I managed to muster enough courage to take out my camera. It helped that the light was fading and no one could tell what I was doing.

  1. lovely.. I want to steal the second pic.. 😐 surreal..

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