Of ghosts, ghouls and a lucky talisman

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I am, what you would call, a perfectly rational fellow. I don’t fight with my boss unless I have to. I believe that smoking kills. I keep drink at an arm’s length, and I don’t believe in love or in God. But, I am not sure about ghosts or ghouls. Not sure since that summer night, many years ago, when I saw those green luminous eyes stare out at me from the window ledge. Luckily, the midnight train rolled in right then and let out a piercing wail. Have you ever heard a train wail in the night? It is the loneliest thing ever.

Those malevolent, lumnious green eyes, how can I forget them. Twenty years have passed since, but those eyes still haunt. If God was there, he was very powerless to act. Somethings aint right in this world and there is no power in heaven or earth which can stop a presence, out for mischief. Or maybe, it’s God’s way to have a little bit of fun on the side.

Have I told anyone about that little incident twenty years ago. No, I haven’.t   No one would believe me. Somethings are better left burried. Was it a ghost? Or, was it a ghoul? I don’t know. I like to believe that ghost and ghouls are harmless. But, something tells me that the owner of those green, lumnious eyes was anything but harmless. Lucky my talisman came out calling for me. I was doomed otherwise.

Doomed. In hell. I read somewhere that hell is like the feelling that you have been there and seen it. The word is on the tip of my tongue, only I can’t recall it. A french word. A word that describes hell. Hell where all sinners go, so I am told. Hell, which sends messengers, like the owner of those green eyes, from time to time. Lucky that I had a talisman to fall back on. Lucky that my talisman was close whenever the messenger came calling.

Opposites gets balanced I am told. For the yin there is yang, an uncle once told me that plug and a socket is like a man and a woman. Yin and yang. plus and minus- everything gets balanced in this world. So every time the messenger came knocking my lucky talisman was near, just to make sure that the equilibrium was not upset. But a day will come when the equilibrium would be upset..I am waiting.

Is it near? The day you get called in, the day your records are checked, the day balance sheets are finally reconciled. I am afraid about the equilibrium. I sense that powers on the other side is growing stronger. I see the building growing bigger and bigger. I am told it is built on a graveyard. The building overshadows the railway station. All my life I have lived in close proximity of a railway stations. Every night the train lets out a piercing shriek, reassuring me. But for how long. The building grows bigger and bigger, its powers growing stronger. Soon it will completely shut out the reassruing cry of the midnight express.

i will be waiting for that day.

Note: Hell I don’t believe in ghosts and ghouls but I am briefly under the spell of Stephen King. The building does look forbidding though, I intend to capture it in my camera. I heard somewhere that by taking a photo you capture the soul of the subject.





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