Some Black and White Photos shot in Kanyakumari

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Colour photography does not hold me in thrall like the way a black and white photograph does. Maybe, it is all in the mind. In a world dominated by polychrome a black and white (monochrome) will stand out. Any photo, and here I stress on the “any” will definitely come out better when it is taken in the black and white format.

However, this discovery was merely accidental.

While travelling in Kerala, god’s own country, I changed the shooting mode of my camera to black and white. The results were some nice silhouettes of the temple with the sky lit up in the pre-dawn glow, imparting a post card like quality to the images.

The temple, which is a little distance off the beach, looks imposing and formidable at the same time. No wonder people flock to the beach side early in the morning. The locals say it is the best time to be here.

The photo with a man holding a child as the sea crashes against the rocks is another favourite. Seeing them climb the little rocks, I had an urge to know about them more. So, I climbed the rocks after them and got chatting.

After a few introductions I got the information I was looking for.The two, belonged to a religious order in Andhra Pradesh were on a “teerth yatra” or travel of a religious nature. Rameshwaram was a culmination of that journey.

The bonding between the “guru” and the “child” is something special and the photo captures some of it. What the photo does not show, is the child looking at me in sullenly as I talk to the older man. He wanted me out of the way so that he could enjoy the moment with his master. Such is the bond between the sage and the discipline.


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