Lights Out Please

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2012 at 1:52 pm

When was the last time you looked at the sky and marveled at the gently shimmering star lit quality of the night sky?   Maybe, you noticed when you were a kid. But now you are too hypnotized by the bright lights coming out of your big LED T.V, laptop or the smartphone to see or register anything. Seduced is the proper word. Seduced and hypnotized. Hypnotized and seduced. Squiggles and add the tiny dots.

The only time this hypnosis wears off is during a power cut. Atrophied senses grapple at first to come to terms in a world without light. Slowly, you are able to sense long forgotten sounds and sights: a cat mewing registers which you would have missed earlier. Your eyes start discovering new things. The pupils contract to register information.

I see the spider webs on the ceiling. I spot a spider tightening its web. I see stars in the night sky. I see the placid white moon in cloudless sky. I remember some lines of a poem.I learn something new. Only when you have distilled your life to the bare necessities do you really start to hear and see.

What else? I strike a match. I light a candle. The flame wavers a little. I see a moth kamikaze into the flame and burn with a fizz sound.  I touch the melted wax with my fingertips. I feel the heat slowly make its way through your flesh. Dab some of the melted wax on the floor.. Peel it off the floor like paper when cold. Turn on the radio. Tune into something soulful. Stretch out on the floor. Close your eyes. Relax.

I did all of that. Honest I did. The wax has yet to come off the floor. The mosquito bite still stings. But it felt great to be cut off from my LED T.V, laptop, smartphone…  I saw the sky. I saw the stars. I saw the moth kamikaze into the flame, splutter and die. I did some shadow puppetry in the candlelight. I made a deer dance on the wall. I made two deer dance on the wall. I wrote some poetry in the candlelight. I remembered some lines of a poem. So, Will I do it again? Do I wish myself many more electricity less nights? No way! I am too connected to World Wide Web, to my T.V., to my mobile, to my iPod to dream of a life sans electricity. And I got to check my Facebook updates too. How would I do that in a world without electricity?


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