“The sicario: A Juárez hit man speaks” by Charles Bowden (Harpers)

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Various Enthusiasms

I am ready for the story of all the dead men who last saw his face.

As I drank coffee and tried to frame questions in my mind, a crime reporter in Juárez was cut down beside his eight-year-old daughter as they sat in his car letting it warm up. This morning as I drove down here, a Toyota passed me with a bumper sticker that read, with a heart symbol, i love love. This morning I tried to remember how I got to this rendezvous.

I was in a distant city and a man told me of the killer and how he had hidden him. He said at first he feared him, but he was so useful. He would clean everything and cook all the time and get on his hands and knees and polish his shoes. I took him on as a favor, he explained.

I said…

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The 5 PM Girl

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How to Cook Chicken for the Broken Heart

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I know most of you don’t care but here is my recipe for chicken curry for the broken hearted. Dice a zillion onions. A billion garlic cloves. A few thousand green chillies. Pour a few gallon or so of mustard oil in a pressure cooker and heat it to a zillion degrees. Fry onions, garlic, ginger till they are a fiery red. Now take a packet of red chilli powder and pour the contents into the onion and garlic paste. Pour some curd to take some off the heat. Add the diced chicken to the mix. Mix with chicken masala. Add beer or wine because you are so sophisticated. Heat till a zillion degrees till the oil skims to the surface. Close the lid. Imbibe copious amounts of alcohol and wail about how the world is so unfair and your love is such a bitch. Cook till your cooker wails in unision. Five times. Turn the AC real low and eat.


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